If you are interested in joining Hotrack, simply show up at one of our shows and introduce yourself. In fact this is the only way to join the club — we do not accept new members sight unseen, you must show up in person at one of our shows. Annual dues of $55 for the first year and $40 per year thereafter are collected at the beginning of each calendar year and can be paid in cash or by personal check; we do not accept credit or debit cards, or Paypal. You must be over 18 years old to join Hotrack.

No member of the general public is allowed to run trains on the club layout, no exceptions. All locomotives and cars must be certified by the club before they can be run on our layout. All locomotives must be equipped with Digital Command Control (DCC) encoders; standard Direct Current (DC) locomotives will not run on our tracks. All train throttles must be manufactured by Northcoast Engineering (NCE).

All members must follow standard operating procedures and be considerate of each other’s equipment and operations. This includes notifying all other operators when switching tracks and emerging from or entering staging tracks.

See you at “the show”!!!